Saturday, March 15, 2014

The long, slow march to war

The drumbeats and trumpets of war are approaching. Now that Europe has seen a major upheaval amongst the major powers, the newly emerging countries birthed in the former United Provinces and Spanish Netherlands are seeking to achieve their own political ends.

Sweden and Russia remain at war, with the outcome likely to be determined by the approaching campaign season. Sweden, under Charles XII, is focused on teaching a lesson to the Tsar of Russia. No longer will Sweden retreat, but will instead attack, attack, attack.

A French convoy of troops and supplies, the escorts of the newly appointed French governor of North America, has arrived in the eastern portion of New France. That the colonists here are of English origin is beside the point; France expects obedience and loyalty.

The world may well see war as it has never experienced it before...

[Note: This campaign has been delayed far long than I anticipated, due to my desktop PC being down for well over a year. Some of the participants and I plan on running a single day play-test of the campaign rules, to iron out any kinks we may find, and to see if there are any gaping holes in them. I need to update what is published here, but that won't be for a few weeks as I am trying to add the finishing touches to the political rules. I have the siege by dice rules and diced battles resolution rules in workable forms and need to put everything together as neatly as I can. We're also adding a new player, but may be losing another due to severe health issues.]